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1941 British M3 Light Tank Stuart (Honey)

Armament:           1 - 37mm gun
                               1 - 7.62mm coaxial MG
                               4 - 7.62mm MG
Engine                   Continental W-970-9A 7cyl radial gas 250 hp
S peed:                  37 mph
Range:                   68 miles
Weight:                  15 tons
Crew:                      4

First American tank to see combat in WWII.  Various models 
furnished to the British under Lend-Lease.  Widely used in 
North Africa, Burma, Italy and Europe.  Thoroughly reliable; 
liked by crews.  Nicknamed "Honey".  Although obsolete in 
1943, remained in service to the end of the War.  By 1944, had 
limited combat vlaue.

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