M3A1 Stuart III
M3A1 Med
M3 Grant
M4 Sherman
M5 w Amph Gear
M5 Lt Tank
M7 Lt/Med Tank
M6A2 Exp
M4 w Flamethrower
M4 w Duplex Drive
M4 w Rocket L
M4A3 Sherman
M24 Chaffee
M26 Pershing
M22 Light Tank
M36 Slugger
M18 Hellcat
M18 Modified Hellcat
M41 Walker Bulldog
M46 Patton
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M103 Heavy T.
M551 Sheridan
M1 Abrams
M2 Bradley
Bradley M2A2
M1A1 Abrams
M108 SP Gun
M1A2 Abrams            

1985 -USA Abrams M1A1 MBT

Armament:         1 - 120mm smooth bore cannon M256
                              2 - 7.62mm MG M240
                              1- 0.50 caliber M2 MG
Engine:               Lycoming Textron, AGT-1500, multi-fuel
                              turbine, 1500 hp                                                     
Transmission:     Allison X-TIOO-3B with 4 forward, 2 reverse   gears
Speed:                42 mph (Governed)
Range:                289 miles
Crew:                   4
Weight:                67 tons

This improved model of the M1 mounts a 120mm Rheinmetall smooth bore cannon which can fire various types of ammunition especially the M829A1 APRSDST (kinetic energy round with long rod penetrator known as the "Silver Bullet"). This model is equipped with an NBC overpressure system and increased armor protection including DU (depleted uranium). This tank is extremely fast and powerful and proved itself during the Gulf War where it could engage enemy armor at ranges up to 4000 meters. It utilizes a stabilized gunner's digital computer fire control system with laser range- finding and thermal imaging capabilities permitting engagement in all weather conditions. Ammunition is stored in an armored compartment with special "blow out" panels. It is equipped with a Halon fire suppression system. The M1A1 is being replaced by the M1A2. Negatives include high fuel consumption and effective filtering of the huge volume of air used by the turbine engine without overloading the filters.

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