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1969 - British Chieftain Mk II MBT

Armament:          1-120 mm gun (firing two piece ammunition)
                               2- 12.7 mm MG
                               1 - 7.62 mm MG
Engine:                 Leyland L60 MK4 (multi-fuel), 650 hp
Speed:                 25 mph
Range:                310 miles
Crew:                    4
Wt:                        approx. 58 tons

Set new standard for tanks with powerful 120mm gun. Firepower and protection emphasized at cost of mobility. Considered underpowered. Full NBC protection, integrated fire control system. Saw service in Iran/Iraq war. In service with several Arab countries. Many improvements over time including laser ranging, improved fire control and a snorkel system for deep wading. Replaced by Challenger I.

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