M3A1 Stuart
M3 British Grant
Churchill Mk3
Sherman Firefly
Chieftain Mk I
Challenger 1
Challenger 2            

1998 - Great Britain Challenger 2 MBT

Armament       1- 120mm rifled gun L30
                           1 - 7.62mm McDonnell  Douglas chain gun
                           1-7.62mm AA MG
                           2 - smoke rocket dischargers
Powertrain:     Rolls Royce Perkins Condor CV-12, diesel,
                           1200  hp, coupled to a David Brown TN54
                           epicyclic transmission
Speed:              44.6 mph
Range:              341 miles
Crew:                4
Weight:             68 tons

Over 150 improvements over Challenger 1. Turret is totally new. Armor is upgraded second generation Chobham. Best protected tank in NATO. Full NBC protection. Crew compartment has both heating and cooling systems. Main gun can fire APFSDS-T projectile with depleted uranium penetrator. Fire control system is improved version of that installed in Abrams M1A1. Electric gun control and stabilizing system gives high probability of first-round hit in both day and night conditions. Has mounting points for external fuel drums at rear and Combat Dozer Blade up front.

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