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M3 British Grant
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Challenger 1
Challenger 2            

1946 - Great Britain Centurion MBT Mk3-Mk5

Armament:         1 - 105mm gun L7
                            1 - 12.7mm MG (ranging)
                            1 - 7.62mm coaxial MG
                            1 - 7.62mm AA MG
Power train:         Rolls Royce, Mk IVB 27L Meteor, V-12, petrol,
                            650 hp, coupled to Z51R manual transmission,
                            5 speeds forward/2 reverse
Speed:               21.5mph
Range:               118 miles
Crew:                 4
Weight              57 tons

Developed at end of WWII. Produced until 1962 with a total of 4,423 completed. At least 13 variants built. First examples had 17pdr main gun (76.2mm) followed by 20 pdr (83.8mm) and finally the famous L7 105mm. Served in Vietnam with the Australians and remained in service with them until 1977. Also served in Falklands conflict (tank retriever) and in Africa and Israel. Excellent capacity for upgrading. Many specialty vehicles built on this chassis.

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